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It is interesting that the closing of Acts and the writing of Colossians fit into a comparable time frame early By the mids the Pauline writings were recognized at least from Asia Minor to Rome as a well-known collection and regarded as scripture 2 Peter 3: Why do liberal scholars insist on dating Luke-Acts much later, postulating 75 to as the compositional period? If, therefore, the Lukan documents can be dated after the fact, supernatural intervention is not required.

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The further along on the chronological scale Mark is believed to have appeared, the works of Luke would therefore be even later. Luke seems to have been dissatisfied with the previous attempts of others to narrate the life and teachings of Jesus, prompting him to draft his own "orderly account" Luke1: I am not suggesting that everyone who disagrees with this assessment and these conclusions is a theological leftist. But how should significantly different alternatives be regarded when they are based on unnecessary and less-than-convincing rationale?

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When subjectivism is equated with critical thinking, and the historicity of Luke-Acts is indiscriminately challenged, and untenable compilation theories override the integrity of scripture, and the pseudonymity of New Testament documents is assumed, and biblical authors are essentially portrayed as mindless redactors, and the possibility of divine influence is categorically dismissed, does it matter? Authorship of Luke-Acts , Luke's Audience.

Posted by amerikiwi at Acts , chronology , dating , Gospels , historicity , inspiration , Luke. Stephen in Acts 7: Why not write about the martyrs of the Nero persecution as well--if it happened before Acts was written?

Authorship of Luke–Acts

No Roman persecution of the Church mentioned. This is precisely what might be expected before Nero's persecution in A. No mention of the death of the apostle Paul.

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The death of the apostle Paul is dated from anywhere between 62 AD to Why, if it was written after his execution? It could not therefore have been written earlier than A. Paul was probably put to death during his second imprisonment, about A. No mention of the death of the apostle James James was a very important figure in the early church who was martyred around A. Why no mention of his death if Acts was written after A.

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The James spoken of here is not James the brother of John who was recorded as being executed in Acts This is the James spoken of in Acts Objections answered Acts shows influence of Josephus within its text which means it was written in the 90's since that is when Josephus wrote. But, it could be that Josephus, who published his work Antiquities in A.

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  5. It is possible that both Josephus and Luke used a common source. This makes an assumption that Mark was written at a late date.

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    6. On Dating Luke & Acts, and It’s Synoptic Consequence!
    7. It also assumes that Luke used Mark. It may be, but if Mark was written early, there is no problem at all. If the dating of Mark is before A.

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      Modern Scholars affirm a date of authorship after A. There are scholars who affirm late dates as well as early dates.

      click here Scholars are not all in agreement nor are they without their prejudices and agendas that govern how they interpret data. As more and more people become antagonistic to the Gospel, we must expect that so-called scholars who openly deny the miraculous will conclude that Acts was written late.

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      But since the debate rages on, it is best to look at the internal evidence, as done above, to see what best fits the evidence. If someone said that a majority of the scholars affirm a late date, then this is argumentum ad populum; the majority believe it, so it must be true. One cannot discount outright that many scholars affirm a late date, but neither can one discount that many affirm an early date. Intervarsity Press, , page