Dating slump

Currently, Daniel leads the Canucks in scoring. Not bad for Maybe you were subject to the worst blowout of your life because you happened to hit on a girl whose dog just died and she took it out on you. Maybe the girl you took home gave you blue balls. Maybe you had to hang out with a cousin who you hate all weekend triggering an existential crisis. Any of these events could trigger a dip in performance. Rushing things portrays a lack of control over yourself. Performance dips are just the way the sushi rolls. Always appear as if you know everything comes eventually.

Trying too hard will only stifle you and prevent you from executing. Be a good coach to yourself and avoid saying negative things.

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Kobe Bryant still has to go to practice even when he sucks. You should still be approaching women and going on dates. An old boss used to say to me: Even a broken clock is right twice a day. You need other areas of interes t to keep you from going crazy.

How do I get over a dating slump? - RedEye Chicago

Play a sport, go cross country skiing, go sing some karaoke, become an expert at hula hooping or write a stand up comedy bit about how much you suck with women and go perform it at an open mic. No matter how bad things go with dating, your parents will always love you.. Even the late rapper Pimp C called his mom everyday. Your next hot streak is just around the corner. You forgot one more option.

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You could hire Tony D or one of his coaches who will take you to the nearest babe packed location and force you out of your slump. This is especially true for up-n-coming DJs that are trying to turn their life around, yet find themselves struggling to get out of the "nice guy" hole they've been digging for years. You are trying all these new things with no immediate results. It can be frustrating, and frustration leads to hate, hate leads to anger, and anger leads to no sex.

On the other hand, "Critical Reasons" are things that you can control, or are directly under your influence, which contribute to your slump.

I call them Critical Reasons because of this distinction and the fact that often Critical Reasons provide the key for escaping the slump. Critical Reasons usually manifest themselves as Surface Reasons, and this is why it is necessary to provide a clear distinction. I'm a firm believer that, in any situation, there is something we can control to make the outcome more beneficial to us.

More on this later. Setting unrealistic goals can easily lead to frustration and the feeling of unattainability. Setting easier goals, and increasing them incrementally at one's own pace, will slowly increase your confidence over time. This slow growth will provide for more secure self-confidence later. All of a sudden you meet this one girl that just seems to catch your fancy more than all of the rest.

You ignore any other ladies in your circle, and maybe even your guy friends. You start to base your dating life around her and her alone. This takes you out of your game, and if she dumps you or LJBF's you, you've already entered slumpville pal.

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  • This web site seems to focus almost exclusively on how to get women, how to sleep with hot women, etc. I do not believe this should be the goal of a true DJ. The focus of a DJ should be on constant self-improvement.

    How do I get over a dating slump?

    This improvement takes many forms, but ultimately will lead to a DJ being happier, a better overall person, and as a consequence of this for those of you still focused on girls he will attract the women he wanted to attract in the first place without much effort at all.

    But I'm already in a slump, you say! What do I do now? Getting out of said slump has two parts. There are general slump breakers, which can get you out of any slump with time and effort, and there is the direct way of attacking the cause of the slump head on. The best approach is a combination of the two techniques. General Slump Breakers focus on self improvement without necessarily being directly related to the cause of the slump.

    They simply make you feel better about yourself, and work to improve any of your natural qualities looks, personality, humor, etc. I'm just going to list a few. Most of these should be pretty obvious as to why they will help. It affects your physical appearance, your testosterone levels, your confidence, and makes you more energetic and generally feeling better.


    Do anything if it gets you outside whether it be the mall or a hike in the mountains. Read the 48 Laws of Power.

    Be friendly to everyone you meet, say hi and go back to the basics of talking to strangers and using eye contact. Specific Slump Breaking requires that you discover the Critical Reason for the slump. People tend to avoid accepting responsibility for their fate, and focus on the Surface Reasons for the slump. If only she hadn't dumped me, they say. Or if only I'd get one phone number this week.

    Surface Reasons are undoubtedly real. However, by themselves they cannot throw you into a slump. Underneath all the Surface Reasons you may have, there is at least one Critical Reason that is to blame.

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